E3 2009: Coming Exclusively to Xbox 360

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Update: Added some Xbox Live! related items

Instead of breaking down the Microsoft E3 2009 press conference and include both multiplatform and exclusive content, I’m going to focus on the stuff you can find “exclusively on Xbox 360” — or as exclusive to the Xbox 360 as it can get.

A shit-ton of Microsoft announcements await you below. For everything else, check here.

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FYI: KOFXII In Summer, FFXIII Screens, PSP2 Rumors

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King of Fighters XII Debuting Worldwide in Summer 2009

[gametrailers 46195]

It may only show the PlayStation 3 logo at the end, however Shane Bettenhausen (Former 1UP/EGM editor) of Ignition Entertainment clarified a few things via the following press release:

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TGS 08 Trailer & Info Collection – Day Zero

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…or should it be called “Day One”? Who cares.

It’s actually tomorrow in Japan and thus some trailers were released along with Microsoft’s keynote which just wrapped up. Here’s what was revealed so far which will be updated as the (North American) day progresses.

Info comes from all over the web with some news from Microsoft’s keynote and other stuff I picked up today.


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