Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation Revealed

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Capcom is notorious for milking their franchises, but this Street Fighter Online has to be some kind of twisted joke. Seriously, what is this rubbish? It’s obvious that they are just using the Street Fighter name to promote this garbage, but why? Why taint the Street Fighter name with this?! Street Fighter 4 will have online play already!

I like that cat though.

Color Me Excited: DMC4 Demo Early 2008

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Dispelling earlier rumors, Capcom issued a press release (Thanks Hexus.gaming) today which revealed that a demo of Capcom’s hack and slash devilry will be hitting the XBOX Live! Marketplace and the PSN Store sometime early 2008.

Between, Devil May Cry 4, Ninja Gaiden 2 (XBOX 360) and the potential release of God of War 3 (PS3), 2008 is shaping up to be an excellent year for fans of the genre. FPS purists be damned, 2008 is the year of the third person action adventure.

Full press release below:

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