FYI: More Release Dates & Downloadable News


  • Official: Windows 7 Released to Manufacturing; In Stores October 22, 2009 (via Windows Blog)
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Will Debut February 16, 2010 (via Kotaku)
    • New screenshots below
  • Plants vs Zombies Coming to XBLA (via WorthPlaying)
    • No release date, no details; just intentions
  • Castle Crashers Coming to PSN (via Kotaku)
  • Battlefield 1943 Sells Over 600, 000 over PSN and XBLA (via Edge)


Lost Planet 2 Screenshots

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Checkpoint: Backlog Clearing Q1 2009 Edition


Some gamers have them. Some don’t. It’s not even exclusive to gamers. Even movie and music fans have them. And don’t forget book lovers too.


My backlog isn’t much. Two to three games max? That’s because I’m frugal and tend to finish what I purchase before committing to another purchase. This is why Lost Odyssey was the only game in my back log for the past six months. And now it’s on its way to the completion pile.

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Quick Impressions: Castle Crashers and Galaga Legions

Castle Crashers is an excellent 2D hack and slash game. Tight controls, great art style and most importantly: 4-player co-op. At 1200 MS it’s quite the deal. Unfortunately, the lack of MS points card is stopping me from buying this.

Galaga Legions isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll play it, but it just doesn’t spark interest. I enjoyed the puzzle like elements of the Galaga formations and the ability to place two satellites at any point in the screen. In the end, the bland visual style, weak electronic soundtrack and lack of “pizazz” with the explosions leave me wanting more.

Castle Crashers & Braid Will Cost Over 1200 MS Points?! (Updated)

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Update: Kotaku was updated. Looks like Castle Crashers won’t be going for 1800 MS Points. Braid’s price tag wasn’t corrected, though.

Well this piece of news took a bit of wind out of my sails. It looks like the prices of Braid and Castle Crashers aren’t going to 800 MS points like I originally thought.

Here’s the new breakdown:

Braid will cost 1200 MS points (~ $17.40 CAD)
Castle Crashers – 1800 MS points (~ $26.10 CAD)

That’s asking a lot. Especially when Geometry Wars 2 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed is going to cost 800 MS (~ $11.60 CAD) each. Galaga Legions is the only one without a price tag at the moment.

Please note that the conversion rate between MS points to Canadian Dollars could be outdated.

P.S – Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is out today! At least try the demo.