Checkpoint: The Smartphone Edition


This may surprise some of you: I don’t own a smartphone. I own a cellphone. It’s the Nokia 2610 which was a Rogers freebie replacement that moved me from CDMA to GSM. It’s also on a Pay As You Go plan for around $8 per month.

How old is this phone? The internet says it was released in 2006. In cellphone years, my phone is a senior citizen. But I haven’t sought a replacement because I enjoy not paying $50+ per month on a cellphone.

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Intel Atom – The “Good Enough” Architecture

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Atom is a big deal. With the success of the Asus EEE PC and Apple iPhone, the desire for more performance in smaller form factors is slowly ramping up. Imagine a handheld device like the iPhone, but with the power to run a game like Unreal Tournament 2004 and all the other typical PC applications with no slowdowns. Imagine the headache engineers must be endure in order to squeeze so much power into such a small form factor with current processor offerings.

The new Intel Atom architecture is hoping to achieve all that.

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No_Style’s Checkpoint: Super Bowl XLII Edition

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sbxliilogo.JPGFirst, I would like to address the lack of Devil May Cry 4 enthusiasm from the rest of the QSF5 crew. Lack of Rez HD enthusiasm I can forgive, since the game was relatively “niche”, but the lack of DMC4 love? Bullocks. Fortunately, this week’s 1UP Show will help me convey my excitement for both Rez HD and DMC4. (There’s also an interesting segment about Endless Ocean.) I implore you bastards watch it.

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