A Cinematic 3D Experience

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I watched Prometheus in IMAX 3D today. It was my first 3D experience in a movie theatre. I watched Coraline via their red/blue glasses but I don’t believe that counts as a legitimate 3D experience.

I’m not going to get into how much I enjoyed Prometheus as a movie. I’m going to share my opinions on the 3D technology and movie theatre experience instead.

I thought Ridley Scott did a great job keeping the 3D effects subtle. There were a handful of scenes where he┬áindulged in the tech a bit, but taken as a whole, I was impressed with the 3D experience when it worked and I wasn’t noticing it was working.

My gripes against 3D is probably better laid against the movie theaters than the technology itself. It starts with the glasses themselves.

I don’t have an issue with wearing a pair of glasses — or even two pairs of glasses in my case. I have a problem with uncomfortable ear pinching frames and dirty lenses. I found myself adjusting and readjusting the glasses frequently which took me out the experience.

I was able to keep the 3D throughout the film but it wasn’t always perfect. Sometimes the colors would shift a bit for certain 3D elements which was distracting.

Comfort and imperfections marred my first 3D experience but I’m not going to let it discourage me from trying 3D in an environment where I could control. My brother bought a passive 3D HDTV, so I’m willing to rewatch Prometheus in 3D when it’s released on Blu-ray later this year. Hopefully it will be a much more pleasant 3D experience the second time around.