Checkpoint: Year of the Dog 2018 Edition

Happy Lunar New Year!

The Lunar New Year weekend is upon us and it’s filled with being lazy and playing video games for me. It’s also a weekend to take stock at my gaming year thus far. Although I’m still playing Persona 5, I’ve slowly accumulated a slew of new games including:

  • Monster Hunter World
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • XCOM: Enemy Within
  • Civilization VI
  • Owlboy
  • A bunch more stuff from Humble Bundle

Then there’s still the matter of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Super Hot and The Witness all which I acquired last year but have yet to play. And maybe Dragon Quest VIII [3DS], Final Fantasy XV and XII: The Zodiac Age? Maybe?

Too many games.

But even with all those games, I’m carving out time to watch my girlfriend play XCOM: Enemy Unknown. She’s never played a game like this and after watching Giant Bomb’s The Exquisite Corps, I was inspired to introduce her to this wonderful game. We’ve only played one session but I hope we’ll continue playing this on a regular basis. Watching her play is entertaining so I hope she will grow to like it and we can continue this couple activity.

Another game that I hope we will be able to enjoy together is Monster Hunter World. Neither of us ever played these games before so I think it would be entertaining trying to figure it out. 

Checkpoint: Day One PC Gaming Edition


I returned my PC copy of RAGE yesterday despite the claims of bug fixes by id Software and AMD/ATI. Day one PC gaming has become a growing concern as of late. Out of the handful of day one PC purchases I’ve made, over 75% of them gave me grief.

It starts with Fallout: New Vegas which was purchased several weeks after the release date, but despite that buffer, I was still experiencing stuttering and crashes.

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Checkpoint: Knocking on The Heat Edition


It took me awhile to get hyped about the current NBA season, but I think the four in a row loss for Miami Heat did it for me.

I watched a bit of the awesome Orlando Magic 24 point comeback win on Thursday, witnessed the dismantling by the San Antonio Spurs and just watched LeBron and Wade fail to win in another close game at Chicago.

I don’t harbor any personal hatred towards the Miami Heat, but with LeBron’s shenanigans with “The Decision”, the pre-season hype and their silly claim for multiple championships: how can anyone who isn’t a Miami Heat cheer them on?

I’m also looking forward to the discussion on PTI tomorrow. It should be great!

Oh and I watched the Lakers smother the Spurs. Hopefully they’ll do the same thing to the Heat on Thursday.

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