Checkpoint: Minor PC Upgrades Edition


After cleaning out the hardware, consolidating hardware and updating to Windows 7, one thing became clear. I had to spend money on some upgrades and fixes including:

  1. 90 mm side panel fan
  2. New TV tuner
  3. More memory

The side panel fan which came with my ThermalTake Soprano case began to go into overdrive and needed to be replaced before I sold it. So instead of delaying the sale, I took the working 90 mm fan from the Tsunami case and threw it in.

Then I searched for a replacement.

Fans typically come in 80 mm and 120 mm sizes so finding a 90 mm was a tough task. I looked through all the usual stores and came up empty. They were either overpriced to begin with or charging a kidney’s worth for shipping. I eventually found one on Ebay. Protip: Never buy a case with 90 mm fans.

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Checkpoint: Clean PCs Edition


I spent most of Saturday with three computers, a couple cans cans of compressed air and a vacuum. All three machines were dusty, but mine was the clear dust champion. My ThermalTake Tsunami Dream case is a tool-less case with a hard drive caddy and it has proven to be worth the money. I will never buy a case without a removable hard drive caddy; it makes life so much easier.

The Shuttle and my brother’s Soprano case were rather quick since one had only exhaust fans and the other I cleaned out earlier this year. It took about 40 minutes to do a fairly through cleaning of my Tsunami Dream. I didn’t remove heatsinks or the motherboard, but I did flush out the dust from anything with a fan. After it was all said and done, it was time for the Windows 7 64-bit Release Candidate install.

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