Apple switching from Intel CPUs?

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apple-logo.pngOf course Apple is exploring the possibilities of utilizing their own ARM based CPUs; that’s a no brainer when you have your own CPU team. Why wouldn’t you consider it? But I also know Apple won’t go down that path if Intel keeps ahead of Apple’s own efforts.

The bullet point benefits (energy & cooling efficiency) of moving to an ARM processor for their Macbook Air is tempting but if they’re sacrificing performance for these gains. However, it’s going to be really tough for them to stand up on stage and sell the loss of x86 compatibility and performance.

Maybe it isn’t a viable option now but maybe it will be viable in a few years. Who knows? This could also be their passive aggressive way of lighting a fire under Intel’s bottoms and convincing them to be more aggressive with their pursuit to low power, high performing chips.

Ivy Bridge: Intel’s Dominance Continues

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intel_logo.pngForget about AMD in the CPU performance arena — that fight has a clear winner as these reviews from AnandTech and The Tech Report clearly state. Even AnandTech agrees which was why they only spent one page talking CPU performance.

They decided to dedicate a vast majority of their review on the integrated graphics performance. The HD 4000 shows a significant improvement over its predecessor which should make for better Ultrabooks and Macbook Airs. But as significant as an improvement the HD 4000 is, it could have been even more substantial if Intel didn’t hold back and dedicated a little bit more die space for their graphics processor.

A little faster, consumes less power, improvements to the integrated graphics and all without increasing prices? A winning product all around.

Some PlayStation “4” Rumors Are Ruffling Feathers

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Kotaku posted some rumors on the next PlayStation. Some were nice-to-knows like the codename, but others are causing a bit of a backlash.

Here’s the breakdown for easy consumption:

  • Codenamed ‘Orbis’
  • AMD CPU and GPU (Southern Islands aka Radeon HD 7000 series)
  • Will launch in 2013
  • No backwards compatibility with PlayStation 3 games
  • Anti-used games DRM

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AMD Not Competing Against Intel Anymore

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intel_logo.pngAccording to some comments made to the Mercury News, AMD is steering itself away from their life long battle against Intel. Instead? They’ll be focusing on the mobile computing market where there’s already stiff competition.

That saddens me despite the fact that I haven’t purchased an AMD processor since the Athlon 64 X2 days. Those were the days that AMD gave Intel a good whoopin’ on the performance per watt and performance per clock charts.

Since those glory days and the Intel Core 2 Duo’s introduction, AMD has been struggling to keep up with Intel. Even their much hyped “Bulldozer” architecture was a relative bust.

This may be great news for Intel, but for consumers? They should a bit worried. AMD was the best thing to happen to Intel because without green team’s efforts, Intel wouldn’t have been pushed towards greatness with the Core 2 Duo.

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