Checkpoint: New PC Woes Edition

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I don’t expect every new PC build to go flawlessly but it’s still a hassle when it falls apart. Doubts creep into my head:

  • Is it the RAM?
  • Am I sure it’s the RAM?
  • Maybe it’s the motherboard?
  • Or maybe the CPU?
  • Did I mess it up?

My new PC is having memory issues. I know one DIMM is dead as it won’t POST at all while the other one is likely flaky as it doesn’t post reliably. I’m ruling it as a memory issue but I won’t be surprised if this is the beginning of a very long journey.

I saw the warnings NewEgg and about quality and compatibility issues but I decided to roll the dice on the Curcial Ballistix Sport anyways. I guess I wasn’t lucky.

Thankfully customer service is amazing. They allowed me to return the memory despite the fact that it’s outside of the 30 day window. I ordered a set of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 (2 x 8GB). They seem to be receiving a lot of love on NewEgg They’re cheaper and faster than the Crucial which makes me wonder if this is a blessing in disguise.

If the memory doesn’t resolve my issues, it’s onto the motherboard as a potential culprit.

My brother and I continue to play The Division but last night was the first time I felt I’ve had my fill. The Incursion, Falcon Lost, isn’t particularly fun or creative. Granted my brother and I undermanned for this mission but the wave based setup smells of laziness. Yes, it’s a free update but their portrayal of it made it seem like it was a ‘raid’ equivalent which it isn’t.

I’m chipping away at Valkyria Chronicles and continue to rediscover how great this game is.

The Crucial MX100

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Crucial LogoThe Crucial MX100 looks like a real winner at 256GB. I just purchased one for $110 off The price to GB ratio is nice but that’s only half the story.

The performance is comparable to the Samsung 840 EVO but it costs $60 less. AnandTech have given it a thumbs up.

All in all, I have nothing negative to say about the MX100. With the performance and feature set, combined with pricing that basically doubles the amount of storage you get for your dollar, it’s an absolute no-brainer. Unless you are an enthusiast or professional with a heavy IO workload, the MX100 is currently the drive with the best bang for the buck in the market by far.

That’s high praise that shouldn’t be ignored.