Crysis 2 Campaign Xbox 360 Review

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Remember that scene from Terminator 2 at Cyberdyne Systems where Arnold kicks the office desk through a window with a mini gun in hand and began laying waste to the police vehicles below? Crysis 2 may be the only game that can recreate that sequence in its entirety using in-game mechanics.

Think about it. Ripping off a stationary machine gun, power kicking the desk and using armor mode to absorb enemy fire. I can even do the whole scan for life signs through smoke using the “Nano Vision”.

Crysis 2 would have been a great Terminator game.

But let’s talk about what we have on hand and not what could have been.

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Crysis 2 PS3 & PC Multiplayer Demo Impressions

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The first Crysis wasn’t known for its multiplayer, but it was known for its graphics! The PC demo debuted several weeks ago, but I wanted to wait for the PlayStation 3 version in order to write up impressions of both.

Let’s start with the PC version which was met with much criticism for its lack of graphical options and pizazz. Fortunately, I didn’t care for any of that stuff. I just ran it at 1680×1050 on “Advanced” aka “Medium” quality and was off to the races. My rig managed to muster around 40 FPS which was great! The game didn’t look nearly as sharp or detailed as the first Crysis, but the important thing was that it ran well and looked good enough.

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Crysis 2 Leaked & On Going Promotion

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Disappointed, but not to be deterred by the early PC build leak over the weekend, Crytek and EA released not one, but two videos of the upcoming first person shooter.

Crysis 2: Story Trailer

The next piece of media is some single player footage from the Xbox 360 version of the game. It looks pretty damn good. I like how they handled weapon modifications for the controller.

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