Sounds like Crytek is imploding

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Crytek LogoCrytek UK (formerly Free Radical) employees are no longer going to work. But who would blame them? They haven’t been paid for quite some time.

I’m not surprised by this turn of events though. I’m not much of a Crytek fan and sales show that many feel the same way. There’s not enough Crytek fans out there to sustain $66 million game budgets. And as pretty as their game engines are, they don’t seem to be as easy to use as Unreal Engine which explains why the list of licensees pales in comparison.

They’re not done yet but I hope for the best for Crytek’s employees. There’s talent there and I hope they end up at other studios or start their own independent efforts.

Crysis 3 Is Now Official

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EA and Crytek announced today that Crysis 3 was a real thing. Not that much of a surprise really. Their first foray into the console space yielded decent results.

Crysis 3 promises more jungle and city elements, but most importantly — for Crytek and graphic whores — the best visuals out there. Will they succeed? The screenshots below seem to be an indication.


We can all expect Crysis 3 in Spring 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Crysis 2 Campaign Xbox 360 Review

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Remember that scene from Terminator 2 at Cyberdyne Systems where Arnold kicks the office desk through a window with a mini gun in hand and began laying waste to the police vehicles below? Crysis 2 may be the only game that can recreate that sequence in its entirety using in-game mechanics.

Think about it. Ripping off a stationary machine gun, power kicking the desk and using armor mode to absorb enemy fire. I can even do the whole scan for life signs through smoke using the “Nano Vision”.

Crysis 2 would have been a great Terminator game.

But let’s talk about what we have on hand and not what could have been.

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