Crysis 2 Delayed to Q1 2010

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ea-logo.pngWhat a coincidence! The day I start playing Crysis, EA and Crytek go ahead an delay the sequel.

The announcement came through via the Q1 2011 fiscal year financial report. If I was to wager a guess, I bet the game will debut around late January and early February. (ie: Mass Effect 2 time frame). EA found lots of success by itself in that time frame, so I wouldn’t put it pass them to look for a repeat performance.

Crysis 2 will be launching for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

I guess this delay will also give me a chance to wait for a Crysis: Warhead sale.

Checkpoint: Not A Graphic Whores Edition


Crytek and Epic are predicting 2012 or 2013 for the start of the next console generation. As I read through this thread, with keywords such as ‘Crytek’, ‘next-gen’ and ‘console’, it was just a matter of time before the petty bickering erupted.

However, it did dawn on me that I am not a “graphics whore”. Any true “graphics whore” sports at least a 1080p monitor with the beefiest PC hardware to run their games with the highest levels of anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing. I am not like this now and I don’t believe I was.

For awhile, I thought I was. During this time I believed it was PC gaming or bust. Then the seventh console generation arrived and I found myself satiated. I realized that I wasn’t a “graphics whore” at all, I just wanted to play games at a decent resolution. I mean 1280 x 720 is a decent resolution.

But that wasn’t the only reason.

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