LTTP: Asura’s Wrath (360)



LTTP or ‘late to the party’ pieces are opportunities for me to catch up and write about games I missed out on the first time around. They may contain spoilers.

Business and art are often at odds in many forms of entertainment and its no stranger in the games industry. Asura’s Wrath is a notable example of business being flat out incompatible with the kind of game Capcom and CyberConnect2 wanted to bring.

It debuted at $59.99 but then Capcom had the gall to place the game’s fourth act behind DLC paywall. It was approximately $7 but that’s besides the point. It was a vital piece story which they excluded from the game in an effort to extract more money from their customers. It was ludicrous and it kept many people from picking up this ridiculous and over-the-top interactive anime.

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