Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut Coming to PS3

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My experience with Deadly Premonition starts and ends with the GiantBomb Endurance Run (or Runs).

After watching those Endurance Runs, I almost convinced myself that picking up the Xbox 360 version for $20 was a good idea. Other games came, time passed and I completely forgot about that weird game.

Now after enough time has passed and I’ve completely forgot what went on in those Endurance Runs, a Director’s Cut of the cult classic is coming to the PlayStation 3. It’s going to feature improvements, additional content and more of the weirdness that people tout.

I might finally pull the trigger on this when it releases in Q1 2013. I just hope it’s coming out at a reasonable price.

Endurance Run: Deadly Premonition

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What is an Endurance Run? They’re videos of the GiantBomb crew playing a game from beginning to end. They’re also accompanied with commentary of the hilarious and mocking variety.

What is Deadly Premonition? It’s a $25 CAD open ended Japanese survival horror game for the Xbox 360. Some say it’s plain horrible. Some say it’s one of those “it’s so horrible, it’s awesome” games. Some even say it’s better than Heavy Rain (and no isn’t banned; that’s just his awesome tag).

I haven’t played either game yet, but after watching the first couple of episodes of this Endurance Run, I’m inclined to agree with the “it’s so bad, it’s awesome” camp. It looks like an HD PlayStation 2 title, it doesn’t make a lick of sense and yet it is also strangely compelling.

Sounds like the perfect title to do an Endurance Run with.

Episode One:

Episode Two:

GiantBomb’s Persona 4 Endurance Run received a lot of praise, but I never got into them since I’ve already played the game they covered. However, this is a brand new game and brand new opportunity to join in on the fun. Only GiantBomb can make a video series of someone else play a game so entertaining.