Checkpoint: Guess How Many iOS Games I Own Edition


At the time of writing, I have 35 iOS games and not a single iOS device to play them on.

I’ve been taking advantage of iOS sales throughout the year and I’ve amassed quite the collection. Most of these games or “apps” were free thanks to daily deals or other promotions. I’ve come through with a couple of observations on the iOS app market and its deals over the past year:

  • Never, ever pay full price for an EA title – If you thought EA games go on sale fast for consoles and PCs, you haven’t seen their iOS titles. During any holiday, Apple event or just because it’s a weekend, EA will put on a sale of some kind for their apps. Newer titles may not be included in the nearest round of sales, but if you wait until the next deal? It’ll be on sale.
  • Popcap is stingy with the deals – PopCap games do not go on sale frequently despite them being owned by EA now. Whenever you see a sale for a PopCap title, it’s best to jump on them sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting for quite some time.

If you’re patient or observant, there’s a lot of iOS gaming to be had without spending a dime.

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Aggressive Origin Promotions Impress Me

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origin-logoThere’s a 40% off most games sale on Electronic Arts’ Origin service. Both physical and digital copies are on sale.

I like this. It’s these kinds of aggressive sales that I was hoping for when Origin was first announced.

How can anyone get upset over the fact that you can pick up Battlefield 3 for $35.99 right now? Or how about Batman: Arkham City for $29.99?

For cheap games? I’ll put up with an additional client or two. But what we really want is Origin to become a large enough force to influence Steam to counteract these aggressive sales.

That’s when we all win.

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