Peter Moore Said…

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Update: Here’s part four.

Peter Moore is quite the storied individual. He was the head of Sega of America and responsible for the Dreamcast’s launch. He was head of Microsoft’s Xbox division and now he’s the head of EA Sports division.

Well he had quite an interview with the Guardian’s Games Blog. The interview was so grand, it was split into three parts, here, here and here. However, let’s just grab the quotesthat made headlines (again):

Dreamcast was a phenomenal 18 months of pain, heartache, euphoria… We thought we had it, but then Playstation came out, that infamous issue of Newsweek with the Emotion Engine on the cover… and of course, EA didn’t publish which left a big hole, not only in sports but in other genres. We ended up that Christmas period not being able to get to where we needed to be – we weren’t far short, we just couldn’t get that critical mass…

Bless the Dreamcast and its short, but awesome life.

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The Story Behind The Xbox 360 Defects

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If you could recall, I read Dean Takahashi’s The Xbox 360 Uncloaked. It shed some insight into why the Xbox 360 hardware was dying so frequently, but nothing remotely concrete. Well, Dean’s got the “final chapter” to his book written up in an article called: Xbox 360 defects: an inside history of Microsoft’s video game console woes

It’s written in the same style as his book and it can be digested independent of it.

The article details a myriad of mistakes Microsoft made including:

  • Rushing the machine in attempt to beat Sony and Nintendo to market.
  • Cramming too much into the box since they were trying to make a powerful yet appealing hardware
  • Too bent on cutting costs

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