Mario Kart 8 x Mercedes

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This is such a strange move by Nintendo.

  1. They’re including real vehicles as selectable karts in a primarily wacky kart racer
  2. It’s DLC which is uncommon for Nintendo
  3. It’s coming out for free which is uncommon in general
  4. It’s coming alongside a patch to fix up some issues which is uncommon for Nintendo

What a weird thing this is. I’m enjoying what I’ve played of Mario Kart 8 so far, so I’m looking forward to the additional content and improvements coming later this month.

I shouldn’t be weirded out by this but since Nintendo have been doing things their own way for some time now, seeing them follow their peers is unusual for them.

Destiny Beta starts July 17 on PS4

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The next taste of Destiny begins July 17th for PlayStation users and July 23rd for Xbox users. It will run until July 28th for both platforms.

Like all big budgets games, there will be a $99 and $149 packages for people to consume and — later down the line — for the BestBuy and FutureShops for the world to discount.

I think the Ghost replica looks neat but not for $149. Unsurprisingly, there’s already mention of a season pass for two post release expansions. I’m not willing to shell out money for that just yet.

Destiny is supposed to be a huge game filled to the brim with content, so the mention of expansions already makes me a little weary. Also, since this is an online centric game, my “no online DLC” rule will likely apply. I’m not certain yet since I have no idea what these expansions will contain.

BioShock: Infinite DLC Plans Detailed

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It starts with today’s $5 horde mode add on, “Clash in the Clouds”, but it will be followed with “Burial at Sea” later this year.

This is everything I’ve wanted from the Mass Effect series, a detective story set in the game’s universe. I absolutely love the style.

I will now have to keep an eye out for the Season Pass which I hope will go on sale between now and Burial at Sea Pt. 1’s release. Part 2 of Burial at Sea will likely be a 2014 release.

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