I’ve Backed Two Kickstarters


Update: They’re making PC & Mac versions! Backed.

I’ve backed two game related Kickstarters: 1) Double Fine’s adventure game and 2) Wasteland 2. Why those two and not something like Republique?

The answer is simple. Double Fine and the folks behind Wasteland 2 have some sort of track record and they’re casting a very wide net by developing for a very “indie friendly” platform: the PC.

Republique sounds too ambitious for their target platform. It may work out, but I don’t feel comfortable backing a project that may be hampered by their platform choice or their (groan worthy) design goals.

All these Kickstarter projects show some kind of promise, but will they actually deliver? I’ve pre-ordered games before, but I’ve never invested in a game this early before. I hope this all pans out. If Wasteland 2 or Double Fine’s game fall through, it may sour that Kickstarter experience for a lot of people out there.

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