A reminder on how expensive consoles were

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The Nintendo Entertainment System was $200 when it debuted in 1986 but adjusted for inflation and that number balloons ups to $412. That’s the price of a PlayStation 4.


Looking back on it, the Dreamcast provided an incredible value at $200. Remember: this was cutting edge graphics on a console at the time. And with titles like SoulCalibur and PowerStone (a couple of DC classics) at launch, it’s a damn shame that it died so prematurely. An argument could be made for the GameCube but its launch library wasn’t nearly as impressive.

Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

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9/9/99 – The day Sega’s final console launched in the United States. I didn’t pick it up on that day. I actually picked it up after Sega discontinued support for it and after hefty price cuts.

It was a fantastic console. So many great games! Here’s a sample of the Dreamcast library via ScrewAttack’s Top 10 list:

[gametrailers 55604]

They’ve already mentioned some great titles, but there’s just so much more! Don’t forget about Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram, Dead or Alive 2, Capcom vs SNK 2 and Chu Chu Rocket. For such a short lived piece of hardware, there was a ridiculous amount of quality titles for it.

For those of you who wish to learn more about the Dreamcast’s short life, head over to Jeremy Parish’s fine memorial post about it. It’s such a sad story. As for me, I’m going to play some Dreamcast games for old time’s sake.

P.S – Even Peter Moore himself blogged about the Dreamcast!

Checkpoint: Superhero Games Edition


While I was writing up my impressions for the Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3 demo, I was tempted to call the latest Dark Knight game “the greatest super hero game ever”.

A bold statement.

Too bold for having only played the demo which was why I didn’t include it. It did get me thinking about all the super hero games I’ve played though. (And I’m talking pure super hero games and not the VS. series like Marvel vs Capcom.) So let’s take a look at the list.

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Peter Moore Said…

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Update: Here’s part four.

Peter Moore is quite the storied individual. He was the head of Sega of America and responsible for the Dreamcast’s launch. He was head of Microsoft’s Xbox division and now he’s the head of EA Sports division.

Well he had quite an interview with the Guardian’s Games Blog. The interview was so grand, it was split into three parts, here, here and here. However, let’s just grab the quotesthat made headlines (again):

Dreamcast was a phenomenal 18 months of pain, heartache, euphoria… We thought we had it, but then Playstation came out, that infamous issue of Newsweek with the Emotion Engine on the cover… and of course, EA didn’t publish which left a big hole, not only in sports but in other genres. We ended up that Christmas period not being able to get to where we needed to be – we weren’t far short, we just couldn’t get that critical mass…

Bless the Dreamcast and its short, but awesome life.

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