Levolution & #DriveClub

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I can see the marketing behind both Battlefield 4’s “Levolution” and the hash symbol in #Driveclub. I can see the smugness radiating off of them. I’m sure I would feel the same way but they’re just so dumb.

Today, some footage from those to titles came out. Battlefield 4’s “Levolution” was a spectacular showcase of the destruction and interactive elements that DICE are including in their next game.

It looks like a nice mix of player controlled and “scripted” elements. Even if Battlefield 4 doesn’t offer the same level of destruction offered by Bad Company 2, this level of interaction looks to offer more than what Battlefield 3 had to offer.

The Drive Club direct feed footage below is the first of its kind. This is a launch game but we’re just getting direct feed footage now. I was concerned about the game’s progress but this trailer put those concerns rest.