A New Beginning For 1UP & It’s Former Crew

With 1UP’s massive layoffs and EGM’s sudden demise, a lot of its fans were left wondering: “What’s next?” I’m a consumer of the 1UP content. From the audio and video podcasts to their features, 1UP became one of my daily sites. To the surprise of many, the people who’ve left have begun doing their own thing. Let’s start with the new podcasts:

The first episodes of RebelFM and The Geek Box are already up and the quality of both will undoubtedly improve over time. Thanks to the generous donations of many of its fans ($15, 000+ USD), RebelFM was up and running within a few short days. I’m sure they didn’t need the $15, 000 to acquire podcasting equipment, but it just goes to show how many people enjoyed their work. Read More

Checkpoint: Praising 1UP & Yakuza 2 Edition


So with Far Cry 2 out of the way, I decided to take a step back and play a PlayStation 2 game called Yakuza 2. I picked it up thanks to the recommendations of GAF and the 1UP Show segment which featured the game a few months back. I adore it so far. It’s not perfect, but it’s such a different experience. I sincerely hope Sega brings over Yakuza 3. I’ll elaborate on why I enjoy the game so much with my review later on, but for now I’ll just leave with one thought: “It embodies the organized crime spirit like no other game.”

Read More

The Day 1UP.com & EGM Died

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Did you hear? The 1UP Network was purchased by UGO Entertainment and its parent company Hearst. Electronic Gaming Magazine was discontinued along with most (if not all) their online media content (1UP Yours, Retronauts, 1UP Show, etc). All of it was discarded along with the layoffs of long time employees such as Ryan O’Donnell, Andrew Pfister and many more.

Weekends confirmation is no more. Sad, sad piece of news. 🙁 I hope all those guys find work in these tough times.

Here’s the NeoGAF thread where some of the editors have chimed in.

Electronic Gaming Monthly’s Days Are Numbered

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Who reads magazines anymore? Well, apparently not enough people because it looks like Ziff Davis’ CEO Jason Young was quoted saying:

“Mr. Young said the company was considering taking its other print magazine, the video-game publication Electronic Gaming Monthly, into an online-only format, but would not make a decision before the end of the year.”

I am certainly part of the problem here since I don’t subscribe to EGM, but I am a big fan of 1UP.com’s editors and their work. Video and audio podcasts, reviews, previews and blogs — I’m a fan of it all. Let’s hope that this impending closure does not affect the editorial staff. It sucks for the artists and designers, though.

Ziff Davis’ other gaming magazine, Games For Windows Magazine, was shutdown earlier this year. The end of an era is coming.

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