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GiantBomb 2014

It’s been a weird year for GiantBomb. Vinny, one of their talented video producers left for New York City to join Alex Navarro in New York City to form GBEast. The decision was motivated by family reasons but they’re making it work. I’m enjoying every piece of content from that two man crew.

GiantBomb filled the video producer role and Ryan Davis’ vacant spot with ex-Game Informer editors, Jason Oestreicher and Dan Ryckert. They (unsurprisingly) were excellent additions to the lineup.

At year’s end, Patrick Klepek, their news editor and horror game aficionado left at the end of this year for Kotaku.

Nothing lasts forever but despite the massive shuffling of the deck, I feel GiantBomb managed to maintain quality throughout the process.

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“Only On PSN” brings cult classics & more

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If you spend enough time on gaming forums, you should have heard of Capcom/Clover Studios’ God Hand. And if you’re like me and many others out there, you probably haven’t played God Hand. It didn’t debut with the highest of MetaCritic score, but fans of it swear by it.

I never played it and I couldn’t muster the effort or funds to purchase a copy for myself. But even if I wanted to buy it right now, where would I look? GameStop? Ebay? The PlayStation Network Store?

Yes, PlayStation 2 cult classics like GrimGrimoire, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Odin Sphere and Ring of Red are coming to the PSN Store by virtue of software emulation. As for the price? Apparently it’ll be $10. Not too shabby. For that price, I’ll try God Hand, Maximo and maybe even GrimGrimoire. Not Odin Sphere though. I already own that.

In addition to those PS2 games, October will also feature a plethora of other PSN exclusives like:

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A Look at Shadow of the Colossus Remastered (via Emulation)

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The God of War: Collection was an amazing compilation of two classic PlayStation 2 games. However, they didn’t need the remastering treatment like some other games. If you’d ask me: “Which game would you like to see in HD and a steady 60 FPS?” I would have answered with Shadow of the Colossus.

I had forgotten how poorly that game ran. 15 – 20 FPS? Horrendous.

With rumors of a Team Ico Collection gaining momentum, Digital Foundry decided to run Shadow of Colossus at 720p and 30 FPS via PS2 emulation to see how it may turn out. The results were amazing to say the least.

I’ve never played the Ico and I would love to replay Shadow of Colossus. So make this compilation a reality, Sony.

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