FYI: Look what money can buy

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  • NVIDIA announces GeForce GTX Titan Z for $2999 USD (via AnandTech)
  • Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion (via Press Release)
  • DriveClub director leaves Evolution Studios (via VideoGamer)

What a crazy day for technology news. First NVIDIA announces a $3000 video card for purchase and then Facebook drops $2 billion for Oculus VR. I won’t be purchasing that $3000 video card but I may buy a Facebook owned Oculus VR if the price and support is right. I can see it being affordable but what about the gaming support? Notch already cancelled plans for an Oculus Rift version of Minecraft just because it was Facebook who purchased them. Who else will react like this?

Also what is happening over at Sony’s internal studios? Another one of their studio directors left the fold and this time it’s for a delayed game. Is it time to worry?

MotorStorm RC Announced

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I have yet to purchase a single MotorStorm game despite their appealing demos. I’m not sure why either. Perhaps it has something to do with price and the lack of perceived value? Who knows?

There’s a new MotorStorm game coming for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. I’m not going to kid myself and say that I’ll be picking MotorStorm RC up, but if I were to pick it up, here are two reasons why: I have a Vita and want to support great value ideas.

If I picked up the game for the PlayStation 3, I also get the PlayStation Vita version. That sounds like a great idea if both versions cost roughly the same individually.

I imagine the PlayStation 3 version will be $59.99 while the PlayStation Vita version will be $39.99 by itself. So who in their right mind wouldn’t get the $59.99 version?

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Demo Impressions

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So while I was trying out Pure, PlayStation 3 owners willing to pay for Qore were testing out an old build of Evolution Studio’s MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. A month later, Sony released the very same build to the masses. I finally get to try it. Does this demo amaze me like the original MotorStorm’s demo did? Or was I mistakened for putting so much faith in this sequel? Well, I wasn’t as starry eyed as before, but it was plenty of fun.

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Motorstorm 2 CG Trailer

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Yeah, it’s CG, but it sets the mood well. Sony and Evolution Studios’ sequel to the impressive MotorStorm returns this autumn with MotorStorm 2. The sequel will, apparently, feature the following:

  • A brand new location: experience the grandeur, diversity and unpredictability of a remote Pacific island
  • 16 new diverse multi-route tracks hosting MotorStorm’s unique mixture of vehicles
  • The aggressive monster truck now joins your garage
  • Split-Screen Multiplayer racing – compete with up to four buddies on the same screen

I would have picked up MotorStorm, but it did not satisfy some basics such as locale variety and split screen support; it felt very incomplete. With MotorStorm 2, it looks like they’ve learned from their mistakes and are bringing the “real deal”. Fun physics oriented dirt racing with awesome adrenaline pumpin’ music! Keeping an eye on this one.

Check out the trailer below:

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