Who asked for the Uncharted card game for the PS Vita?

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I don’t understand the line of thinking behind this Uncharted Fight for Fortune “expansion”:

I don’t understand why Sony would dilute their brand with nonsense like this; it immediately gives off the wrong impression. Who produced the venn diagram that showed that the Uncharted and card game audiences overlapped?

It could be a mechanically sound card game but using the Uncharted license is too incongruent for my liking. Also I would need to get a copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss which I don’t plan on owning anytime soon.

Checkpoint: Steam Summer Sale 2012 Edition


This year’s Steam Summer Sale started a bit late. It had people worried but for the next week or so, folks will be far too busy refreshing Steam on a daily basis and then some.

Valve introduced 8 hour Flash Sales and Community Choice sales that have people checking the site more than once per day for new deals and new opportunities to give them more money. I’ve visited multiple times in hopes of something new and exciting but I only came away with: 1) Trine 2 and 2) the Alan Wake Collection.

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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Trailer

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I won’t be buying Battlefield 3’s upcoming expansion Close Quarters not because it offers infantry only maps, but because it’s community splitting paid downloadable content.

I also don’t feel they deserve any money until the glitches and bugs are fixed for the PlayStation 3 version. There’s no date on when that mega patch lands, but for now I can re-download the Back 2 Karkand freebie to fix some the bugs it introduced.

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