Checkpoint: Trading It In Edition


Last week I spoke of some of my tips for saving money as a gamer. I mentioned trading or selling off old games and I even pointed out the fact that EB Games isn’t the best place to trade-in your old titles. “I’m trying not to sell them to the likes of EB Games who don’t believe in offering fair prices at a consistent basis “.

Well it looks like they’re offering some pretty good prices. Check it out:

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Fallout 3 Xbox 360 Review

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I’ve never played a post apocalyptic game before. It seems like a theme which should have been exploited to oblivion and I’m surprised not many games utilize it. Perhaps it’s too depressing. Or perhaps because a world with practically nothing left would be difficult to entertain gamers with. Whatever the case may be, Fallout 3 isn’t just your every year western RPG game. Claims of “Oblivion with guns” is a mystery to me as I gave up on Bethesda’s high fantasy role playing epic. I didn’t give up on Fallout 3 though. There was a time when I wanted to, but in the end I am pleased to say that I enjoyed my journey through the Capital Wastelands — despite its flaws.

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Checkpoint: Disliking Fallout 3 Edition

Before I get into why I don’t like Fallout 3 very much, let me direct your hate towards my RE5 demo impressions. It’s not that I was completely dissatisfied by it. It was more like I was expecting too much. With Fallout 3, my expectations were mixed. I did not enjoy Oblivion, but I attributed my dislike of that game to its high fantasy and horrid character models. Well, it looks like I just dislike how Bethesda Studios makes action RPGs.

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Checkpoint: Two Down. One To Go Edition

I wrapped up the Gears of War 2 campaign earlier this week. Not to delve into too many details, but Epic Games knows how to make their games shine. I’ll get down to jotting down my thoughts on it a bit later. Meanwhile, you can read up on Resistance 2.

Fallout 3 is still lingering in the shadows; not sure when I will get to that.

As crazy as it sounds, I don’t feel the urge even open the game. There’s still a lot more Gears of War 2 to play and the same goes with Resistance 2. And what about this LittleBigPlanet?! Especially when folks make something like this. Yeah, that game needs love too. I also haven’t mentioned the two PlayStation 2 titles I have waiting in the wings as well.

The res of the year looks relatively calm, but with huge February rush looming overhead — we don’t have much time for dawdling. There is time, however, for a good read. It’s not everyday that you have a Gears of War article from the New York Times.

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