Checkpoint: Software & Hardware Edition


It’s happening all the time but the last 48 hours stressed the importance of both hardware and software. The successful marriage of both produces successes and/or improves the experience for everyone whereas an imbalance could spell disaster and defeat. It’s not necessarily just a matter of technical support either — the business side of hardware and software has a significant impact as well.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

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XCOM Deep Dive #1

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The reimagining of the original XCOM by Firaxis is shaping up really nicely. The base building looks especially intriguing because it reminds me of all the drawings I used to do as a kid. Ridiculously deep underground structures filled with all sorts of rooms and spaces that my personal army occupied.

Good memories.

Someone described the actual gameplay like Valkyria Chronicles. It’s somewhat true and I hope it plays just as well with a controller.

2012’s First Big Game Announcement is…

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X-COM: Enemy Unknown developed by Firaxis (Civilization IV, Civilization V). It will be a strategy game, it will debut this autumn and it will be coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Game Informer has the exclusive reveal and promises new info throughout the month of January.

I’ve never played an X-COM game before, but based on the many tales that an X-COM fanatic told me back in high school, it’s something really special. I could find out for myself and pick up the complete X-COM pack on Steam, but I think I’ll just wait for this modern reinterpretation.