DICE promises more BF4 fixes in the coming months

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dice-logoThe latest “Community Test Environmentpatch for Battlefield 4 landed today. The fixes include changes to Rush, third person camera angles and the beginning of UI improvements.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the continued support for Battlefield 4. Unfortunately, I’m impatient about these kinds of things and wish DICE would release those changes sooner rather than later. I want to try these changes for myself.

Most (if not all) GAF members that I play with ignore Rush because it’s too cramped and offer little to no opportunity for strategies. It’s just a bloodbath.

The Obliteration changes are welcomed and maybe — just maybe — I can get that Obliteration related Trophy. Showing everyone the bomb carrier’s location at all times was a silly decision. At least now, people who are on foot will have a fighting chance.

Checkpoint: Service Interruption Edition


QSF5 was down for a few days after the site’s host suspended the account. It was temporarily renewed but I’m in the process migrating to a new host. During that service interruption a number of things transpired.

Battlefield 4 is playable… sorta?

DICE and EA decided to move ahead on their map pack plans despite the fact Battlefield 4 is still a mess across all platforms. If they wish to make amends and not garner more votes for “America’s worst company” for the third straight year, they should give the Second Assault map pack to all players for free.

Along with new content, stability and bug fixes continue to trickle through in the form of client and server side patches. On the PlayStation 4, there’s less lag and far fewer crashes. Unfortunately the single player campaign still has a save corrupting bug that keeps me at bay. I know Battlefield games aren’t known for their single player campaigns but it’s just sad knowing that all aspects of this game are plagued with issues.

Still, the games I managed to squeeze in with my brother and friends have been enjoyable.

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The Walking Dead & Windows 8 Fix

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So here you are.

You heard about all the accolades this adventure game received, and decided to take advantage of a Steam deal. After downloading all five episodes, you try to check out what all the fuss is about only to discover that the damn game doesn’t launch on your Windows 8 box. Well, here’s how you fix that.


The Walking Dead does not launch on Windows 8.


The Walking Dead does not have controller support running under Windows 8.

The Fix

Download the “dinput8.dll” file and place it in the following folder:

<Steam directory>\steamapps\common\The Walking Dead\

And that’s it. The game should now launch with controller support.

  dinput8.dll (142.0 KiB, 13,961 hits)

Dark Souls Internal Rendering Fix

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The big sticking point against the PC release of Dark Souls is the locked internal rendering resolution. Thanks to a clever GAF member, Durante, that’s no longer an issue. He developed a fix that enables the ability to set the game’s internal resolution to anything you wish.

It’s still a work in progress but it’s a very promising start. If I cared about Dark Souls enough to double dip, I’d be ecstatic.

Amazingly he claims he developed this little piece of wizardry in about 23 minutes. Not too shabby for a person who does graphics programming as a hobby.