Adobe Discontinues Flash for Mobile Devices

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adobe-logoIt’s over. There will be no more Flash for mobile devices. It’s not too surprising when Apple doesn’t allow that battery draining, ad enabling piece of web doo doo on their platform.

This may “suck” for the short term, but as everyone continues updating their websites and abandon Adobe Flash for HTML5, the world wide web will be at a better place.

I wonder what Android and the manufacturers who tout the “complete web experience” are going to do now.

Final Fantasy XIII TGS 2009 Trailer

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squareenix-logo.gifFor Japanese Final Fantasy fans, the long wait is nearly over. And what better way to build hype and ease that pain of waiting with a trailer? A long content packed trailer filled with jaw dropping CG, action packed battle sequences and J-Pop drama scenes that will test your patience.

Normally, I’d post said trailer here for your your viewing pleasure, but I think you should head over to the source. The official Japanese Final Fantasy XIII website is something to behold in itself. It’s by far the slickest Flash based “official” websites I’ve seen to date. Most official game and movie websites are bloated and take ages to load for nothing more than gimmicks. But this! This is both functional and pretty.

So the Japanese folks will get the game this December 17th while the rest of the world will have to wait until Spring 2010. I’m really looking forward to this. It just may be one of those games which I would pre-order the Limited Edition for. I’m that psyched for it.

Play Auditorium

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Not many flash games games out there like this Auditorium game. It puzzle game. It has music. It has pretty colors and it is free. Well, the demo is at least. The developers are seeking donations for a higher quality version — perhaps even on a console.

It’s simplicity is its greatest strength. I’m fond of its presentation and the instant feedback given for even the tiniest of attempts. It’s well worth a peek at least.

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