A better look at Fortnite

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I still cannot believe this game is being developed by Epic Games. I also can’t believe this will be their first Unreal Engine 4 for the PC. This is the studio that debuted Unreal Engines with Unreal Tournament and Gears of War.

I cannot believe it but I can appreciate their confidence in the engine’s flexibility. What better way to demonstrate to developers that your engine is more than just a gritty shooter engine.

I like the look of it but I’m not sure about the gameplay. Co-operative horde mode with base building elements sounds like it will entertain me for a week or so. Thankfully, it’s a free to play title. As for a release date? Some time in 2014?

Checkpoint: Spike TV VGAs 2011 Trailers Edition


Another year’s worth of games draws to a close which means it’s time for more trailers and reveals courtesy of Spike TV and GameTrailers.

This year’s highlight for me were The Last of Us and Metal Gear Rising. The former for being a new property by one of my favorite developers of the generation and the latter for being so nonsensical.

Other than those two, there wasn’t much else to fawn over.

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