Sounds like Crytek is imploding

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Crytek LogoCrytek UK (formerly Free Radical) employees are no longer going to work. But who would blame them? They haven’t been paid for quite some time.

I’m not surprised by this turn of events though. I’m not much of a Crytek fan and sales show that many feel the same way. There’s not enough Crytek fans out there to sustain $66 million game budgets. And as pretty as their game engines are, they don’t seem to be as easy to use as Unreal Engine which explains why the list of licensees pales in comparison.

They’re not done yet but I hope for the best for Crytek’s employees. There’s talent there and I hope they end up at other studios or start their own independent efforts.

FYI Tuesdays: Mass Effect 2, BF: BC2, Crytek Buys Free Radical

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Welcome to the first edition of “FYI Tuesdays”. If you haven’t noticed, Tuesday is the day to announce and release things. Why have dinky little posts for each one when I can wrap it all up in one post. I don’t know how prevalent this will be, but let’s just wait and see.

Mass Effect 2 & Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Coming Early 2010

During a conference call with EA”s CEO, John Rictiello, it was revealed that both Mass Effect 2 and Bad Company 2 are in the works and scheduled for fiscal Q4 2009 — which means early 2010. He also revealed that these games will be multiplatform, but wouldn’t confirm whether or not Mass Effect 2 will come to PS3 or not. Only Xbox 360 and PC versions confirmed which is technically multiplaform.

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Free Radical Shuts Its Doors

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Another developer bites the dust. This time it was the developer of the PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze known as Free Radical. They also brought us the “Time Splitters” franchise.

Sources claim that the poor reception of Haze and an unsuccessful contract with LucasArts (for Battlefront III) dealt critical blows to the company. I couldn’t imagine a worse time to be losing your job. A week before Christmas? That’s just cruel.

So this means no TimeSplitter 4 for those of you who were looking forward to it. I’ve never put much time into that franchise, so I can’t say much. Haze? I spent time with the demo and I wasn’t too impressed.