Checkpoint: Digging Deep Edition

Checkpoint - Digging Deeper Edition

I started and finished SteamWorld Dig over this past week. It was a solid palette cleanser and just what I needed after action heavy titles like Bayonetta and Advanced Warfare. I think I’ll write a couple of paragraphs about it but the bottom line is: If you’re looking to unlock a mystery and collect ore in a handful of hours, give it a go. It’s free on PlayStation Plus.

While I would like to get $69.99 retail games free via the PlayStation Plus service, it’s nice to just get something like this for free at launch. They’re titles that I wouldn’t normally pick up until it’s dirt cheap on Steam.

Speaking of titles that I wouldn’t normally pick up, I think it’s time to pick up Far Cry 4 when it eventually discounts to $30. It appears to be similar to Far Cry 3 but more refined. Maybe now I can finally forgive them after Far Cry 2.

I started Bayonetta 2 which, so far, is a wonderful refinement of the original Bayonetta formula. I’m only three chapters in and I already see many sensible adjustments to make for a more enjoyable experience.

Mario Kart 8 x Mercedes

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This is such a strange move by Nintendo.

  1. They’re including real vehicles as selectable karts in a primarily wacky kart racer
  2. It’s DLC which is uncommon for Nintendo
  3. It’s coming out for free which is uncommon in general
  4. It’s coming alongside a patch to fix up some issues which is uncommon for Nintendo

What a weird thing this is. I’m enjoying what I’ve played of Mario Kart 8 so far, so I’m looking forward to the additional content and improvements coming later this month.

I shouldn’t be weirded out by this but since Nintendo have been doing things their own way for some time now, seeing them follow their peers is unusual for them.

A better look at Fortnite

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I still cannot believe this game is being developed by Epic Games. I also can’t believe this will be their first Unreal Engine 4 for the PC. This is the studio that debuted Unreal Engines with Unreal Tournament and Gears of War.

I cannot believe it but I can appreciate their confidence in the engine’s flexibility. What better way to demonstrate to developers that your engine is more than just a gritty shooter engine.

I like the look of it but I’m not sure about the gameplay. Co-operative horde mode with base building elements sounds like it will entertain me for a week or so. Thankfully, it’s a free to play title. As for a release date? Some time in 2014?

Valve’s Steam OS Announced

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Valve announced their very own Linux distribution today. Steam OS will be geared for living room machines and offer the following:

  • Improved audio and graphics performance
  • Reduced latency
  • Home streaming solution for games not compatible with Linux
  • Media streaming

Of course, as with all Linux distributions, this will be free.

Will this succeed? I hope so but I have many, many doubts which I will keep to myself for now. Valve still has a couple of Steam related announcements to unveil. I suspect one will be hardware related.

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