Maybe Dragon Age: Inquisition is for me?

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I tried to play Dragon Age: Origins but I couldn’t get pass its high fantasy tropes. I sided with The Witcher and its fantasy ways and all but written off Dragon Age: Inquisition as “not for me”.

But after watching this combat trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, I think I should give the franchise another look. The presentation and fluidity of combat from an active and tactical standpoint is difficult to ignore — especially because they were demonstrating it with a controller. I’m also impressed of their art style and how well Bioware wielded Frostbite 3 for their role playing game purposes.

Maybe I’m wrong about Dragon Age: Inquisition and it’s for me after all.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will debut on November 18th, 2014 on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Battlefield: Hardline Announced

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Battlefield Hardline

A new Battlefield game was leaked and subsequently made official today. Battlefield: Hardline is being made by the folks who brought us Dead Space, Visceral Games. It will be “a cops vs. robbers” game and judging by the leaked details, it looks like it will have a much narrower focus.

It honestly doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’ve always wanted to see Frostbite’s destruction  employed with finer detail. I just hope it will emerge in a better state than Battlefield 4 did. It’s a cross generation game which makes me very weary. How Visceral Games will handle multiplatform, single player and multiplayer duties is beyond me. I hope for the best though.


I’m cautiously optimistic for the E3 2014 reveal. If Battlefield 4 wasn’t in a playable state today, I wouldn’t have mustered any hype for it. But DICE have begun righting this ship and I think I’m ready for some more Battlefield again.

The Inquisition awaits us this autumn

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I’ve watched a fair bit of what I assumed was early Dragon Age: Inquisition trailers and suddenly we have this latest trailer and an October 7, 2014 release date. I still have no idea how this new one plays. I also still have yet to finish either of the Dragon Age titles preceding it.

It looks appealing and I know it’s a departure from the previous titles but I still don’t know if I am willing to shell out “FutureShop E3” money for it.

That Frostbite 3 renders nice lookin’ dragons and on the plus side, this is a single player campaign and thus will be free of networking issues!

Frostbite 3 & selling the next generation

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If anyone needs convincing on what the next generation of consoles can bring in terms of visual fidelity, tell them to check out this Frostbite 3 video.

It isn’t an accurate representation of what the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 can muster but it is certainly more feasible on the new hardware than on the hardware of old. Could you imagine what the next Mass Effect or Mirror’s Edge game would look like with this engine?

Also what’s up with that Command and Conquer game? I completely forgot it was even in development.