G.A.M.E. 6 v2 – Gran Turismo 5 Edition

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The Gran Turismo 5 half of G.A.M.E. 6 is here courtesy of the talented members of NeoGAF.

I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be great cruising music. Hell, I didn’t even listen to Forza 3’s soundtrack; I just loaded G.A.M.E. 6 Forza 3 Edition on day one. To me, that was Forza 3 music.

I don’t know if I’ll replace GT5’s music completely (I actually like it), but I’ll be sure to load this up and check it out. And I urge everyone do so as well.

Below is the track list and download link.

  1. Electronic Propulsion by XenoGenome (aka Blutonium)
  2. Nuke It From Orbit by XenoGenome (aka Blutonium) **Available via separate download**
  3. ENGINE CHIP-TUNER by the BIT-MIP Syndicate (aka pixelated)
  4. RC PRO-AM y the BIT-MIP Syndicate (aka pixelated)
  5. LFArmy by LiveFromKyoto
  6. Definitiveby m0dus
  7. Driftin’ by SupraDarky (aka SDZeta)
  8. Pushed by Teknopathetic
  9. Adigma by TripWarhawkins
  10. Outta Fever by TripWarhawkins
  11. Guitarismo 5 by WHOAguitarninja (guitars), monchi-kun (DnB)

  G.A.M.E. 6 v2 - Gran Turismo 5 Edition (95.9 MiB, 1,093 hits)

  Nuke It From Orbit by XenoGenome (aka Blutonium) (12.2 MiB, 877 hits)

NeoGAF G.A.M.E. 6 – Forza Motorsport Edition Released

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Today’s quite the busy day with the release of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and Forza Motorsport 3. I ordered both, but only one compelled NeoGAF’s musical talent to assemble an electronic album.

NeoGAF’s sixth G.A.M.E. dubbed “Forza Motorsport Edition” features over an hour and a half’s worth of cruising music. Much like with G.A.M.E. 3.0, this album fits the intended game like a glove. As I was listening through the album I couldn’t help, but picture some of these tracks in one of Turn10’s montages. Quite excellent.

Even if you’re not picking up Forza Motorsport 3, I urge you to give this album a listen. Download link and track list are below for your convenience.

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NeoGAF Presents: G.A.M.E. 4.0 – A Chiptune Album

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Once again, NeoGAF’s talented musicians have come together and produced another album for electronic masses: G.A.M.E. 4.0. This album taps into my appreciation for all things simple and creative. Given the limited toolset, I’m just amazed with what people can produce.

Even if you’re not be the world’s biggest chiptune fan, I’d give this excellent album a listen. You may find a track or two that will blow your mind.

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