Modern Warfare 2 Three Month Impressions


It’s the third month into the life of Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer and I think I’ve had enough of it.

You could say I’m in the trough of disillusionment or maybe there’s just so many issues (little or large) that I’ve just had enough.

I’ve played over two day’s worth. My Kill/Death ratio is hovering at around 2.40 and I’ve Prestiged once.  But as time passed, the thrills of acquiring a chopper gunner and mowing people down is no longer there. Instead, I see a borderline broken game.

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Game Breaking LBP Glitch Found

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What happens when you build and spin a wheel at full speed and then have your Sackboy touch it? Non-stop death. No chance of ressurrection. Not even if you quit the game. I haven’t tested this glitch since apparently, the only way to recover from it is to delete your save file.

If you’re curious about this game breaking bug, check the video below:

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