The Search for a Netbook OS

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I’m going to replace my Dell Mini 9 with a new MacBook Air. I want one powered by Sandy Bridge and if rumors are to be believed, I won’t have long to wait.┬áIn the meantime, I’m on a quest to transform the Dell Mini 9 to what it is and that is a netbook; a laptop made for surfing the web.

Windows 7 is a fine OS. It works well with the Dell Mini 9, but it’s a bit much for what is ostensibly an internet machine. What I want is Google Chrome, but I can’t have it because Google is only shipping it with Chromebooks. There are Chromium builds, but I’ll get to that later.

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Google Chrome OS Announced

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google-logoIt’s just their vision and it won’t be coming out until the second half of 2010, but I already know I will not be using it on this particular netbook.

None of us should be surprised that Google would develop an OS. They’ve been beating around the bush with their other services and applications for years. With Google Chrome OS, they’re looking to have an operating system that will support all their web applications and more.

And that’s what Google Chrome OS will be. An operating system built to run web applications — it will literally be used to only run Google Chrome. The “web” will be the platform “language” which means all existing web applications will work.

Google Chrome OS will be powered by Linux. That’s right, another distribution for netbooks. I’m a fan of choice, but how many distributions do we need? Intel already has Moblin and Dell has already chosen Ubuntu as their distribution of choice for netbooks. Do we really need or want Google Chrome OS?

I’m saying “No. We don’t.” for now, but who knows where they’ll take Google Chrome OS. I like being able to play Plants vs Zombies on my Dell Mini 9 and do the other myriad of tasks a full fledge operating can do without being connected to the internet.