Google I/O? More like Snoozer I/O, amirite?

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google-logoBoth Apple’s WWDC and Google I/O are developer conferences but the latter is significantly more boring to the consumer. I felt Apple did an admirable job selling the future of iOS. Google? They need some work.

The features of Android L sound interesting but you wouldn’t be able to tell from their simple website. I would love for them to expand and detail each of those features. Apple goes gaga over the simplest features which is ridiculous at times but I feel Google should borrow a few things from Apple’s playbook.

As for those Google Android L watches? The LG and Samsung watches look too bulky. The Moto 360 looks more appealing with its traditional circular face but it too looks bulky. I’m very curious what Apple’s offering will look like. If it’s anything like these Android offerings, it’ll be a while before you see me wear one of those monstrosities.

Checkpoint: Smart Travel Edition

Checkpoint - Smart Travel Edition

I haven’t done much traveling in my 30 some years on this Earth. The last time I went anywhere was prior to the “smartphone” revolution. With that in mind, it’s amazing how easy it is to navigate and familiarize oneself with a modern city. This past long weekend, that city was Montreal.

It began with a Wi-Fi enabled intercity bus. There were restrictions like the lack of YouTube access, restricted access to gaming media and dismal performance but it was free and for the likes of Twitter, Google Maps and other travel related sites, it was fine.

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My Mac experience 2+ years later

apple-logo.pngI can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since I purchased this 11″ Macbook Air. I enjoy it just as much (if not more) than I did the first time I booted it up. The hardware is still functional and each OS X helped improve my Mac experience whether it was through improved performance, battery life or functionality. The only thing that would convince me to upgrade would be a 12″ Macbook Air w/ Retina Display.

Succumb to Safari. It’s good for you.

One of the first applications that I installed on my Macbook Air in 2011 was Google Chrome. I didn’t even consider the possibility that it would be an power hungry monster that would drain my battery quicker and heat up my Macbook. I thought my Macbook was operating as intended.

It wasn’t until OS X Mavericks and the inclusion of the “Energy Impact” column in the Activity Monitor that I realized Google Chrome was the culprit. As soon as I switched to Safari, my Macbook Air now lasts up to an hour longer and it no longer heats up like it used to.

I still keep Chrome installed for edge cases but this little revelation helped me realize the importance of tight software and hardware integration. If I were on a Windows laptop, I’d consider the effects of battery life between Chrome and Internet Explorer as well.

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Catching Pokemon via Google Maps

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Finally. I can catch Pokemon on my phone thanks to Google.

It’s a fun little distraction but more importantly, it’s a sign of the times. If this was 20 years ago, we would have seen Pac-man or Donkey Kong used as April Fool’s Day pranks. Now it’s Pokemon.

Will Angry Birds be the bud of jokes in 2020?

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