Two Screenshots and a Demo

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Instead of making to small posts about these trivial things, let’s make it into one.

First, an in-game shot of GTAIV featuring its simplistic HUD courteousy of Pretty simple isn’t?


Next, a screenshot from the latest build of the PlayStation 3 “exclusive”, Haze, courteousy of Shacknews:


Looks pretty good to me, but I won’t get my hopes up until the demo is released in early May. The demo will feature 4 player co-op and a taste of the game’s single player.

BioShock 2 Official and Other Take Two News

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Not sure what to think of this. BioShock was an excellent experience, but should it have a sequel? Ken Levine is involved, but to what degree? 2K Marin, newly founded by some former developers of the original BioShock team, are the lucky (or unlucky?) developers which have been tasked with bringing a worthy sequel to one of 2007’s finest games. I wish them all the best. No news on platforms, but we can safely assume the PC and XBOX 360 are definitely in the picture

Other Take Two news include the 2009 fiscal release window (between Nov. 1st 2008 and Oct. 31st 2009) for both Mafia 2 and Gearbox’s Borderlands. Apparently, Mafia 2 was delayed thanks to GTAIV. Sadness.

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