LTTP: Shadows of the Damned PS3 Review

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LTTP or ‘late to the party’ pieces are opportunities for me to catch up and write about games I missed out on the first time around. They may contain spoilers.

Suda 51 made a lot of quirky games and I didn’t enjoy the ones I played including Killer7 and what I saw from No More Heroes’ gameplay didn’t interest me at all. His games always intrigued me though. They were always weird and original, I just kept wishing that he wasn’t the one behind the gameplay execution.

Enter Shinji Mikami. He’s a developer that I’d give the benefit of the doubt to any day. When  I heard about his involvement with Shadows of the Damned, I was anticipating great things. The style of Suda 51 and the gameplay mastery of Shinji Mikami. What could possibly go wrong?

The answer: Not too much when you tackle everything in moderation.

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