Killzone: Shadow Fall Campaign Review

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Killzone: Shadow Fall was a graphical show piece for the launch of the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, following the path of its predecessor, it was an incoherent and unfocused single player experience that did nothing but bore me.

I found Killzone 2 enjoyable and memorable. It was World War II in space but I appreciated Guerilla Games’ focus on gunplay by refining the weight and impact of shots. Firefights demanded the use of the game’s first person cover system and despite the antics of Rico and co, it was a gritty shooter that found its own niche.

Killzone 3 was a failed attempt to infuse Infinity Ward’s trademark Hollywood action stylings into the franchise. Efforts like this highlighted the fact that not everyone can pull off the Call of Duty brand of set pieces and pacing.

When I saw the PlayStation 4’s lineup of launch games, the FutureShop E3 promotion and trade-in opportunities, I shrugged my shoulders and added Killzone: Shadow Fall to my cart. I wanted a game that no one would mistaken for a PlayStation 3 title; I wanted next generation demo material.

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So that’s what “real-time simulated wetness” looks like

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If there’s one thing the Killzone games are good for, it’s their graphics and technology demonstrations. It’s the only reason I am picking up Killzone: Shadow Fall so soon.

Guerrilla Games released a launch trailer but why focus on that when you can learn what effect “volumetric lighting” has on a scene and what “real-time simulated wetness” looks like.

Killzone 3 Campaign Review

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I read the following quote on Digital Foundry’s “The Making of Killzone 3” article:

“I think the exclusion of a few things like a complete co-op campaign, big vehicles, on-rails sections and a few others were things we felt would stretch us too thin. They’ve been on our wish-list to master for a long time and the time just wasn’t there yet for Killzone 2,” van der Leeuw explains.

So let me get this straight. Guerrilla Games wanted to implement “on-rails sections” in Killzone 2, but could not? Talk about a prime example of “less is more”.

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Wii Zapper, Eat Your Heart Out.

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Finally. The Wii Zapper has some real competition.

This Guerrilla Games and Zipper developed peripheral will somehow help Killzone 3 become more accessible. Because everyone knows how to point a gun and move with an analog nub attached.

This isn’t a cheap peripheral either. The Sharpshooter will cost $40 on top of those PlayStation Move and Navigation controllers I haven’t purchased yet. Oh, and I’m also missing the PlayStation Eye. Talk about barrier to entry.

But at least it makes Killzone 3 more accessible, right?

I’ll tell you what. If you give me all that PlayStation Move money, I’ll teach you how to use a dual analog controller. Then you’ll be able to access hundreds of other games outside of the PlayStation domain.

That’s a much better deal.

P.S – Killzone 3 looks great!

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