Checkpoint: 2010 Reflection Edition


With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Halo 4, I’m finding myself reading my own impressions again. I remember both enjoying Black Ops for its espionage and relative sound framing of the events. I hope Treyarch continues that steady pace and resists the temptation to go hog wild.

I also enjoyed Halo: Reach a lot making it my favorite Halo experience from Bungie. I remember the game being tough because of a very aggressive A.I but I also remember the tech shortcomings. I approached Halo 4 with those two impressions in mind.

I just finished Halo 4’s campaign. I died many times throughout the 8 hours or so but it was usually out of recklessness and experimentation. I didn’t die because I was cowering behind cover which was the case in Halo: Reach.

My overall impressions for Halo 4 is positive aside from two key points: A.I and gameplay design. Some may even say that they’re one and the same but I believe one of these took a step back while the other was a non-step. I’ll elaborate on all of this later.

I bought Sleeping Dogs for the PC. It was $25 (50% off) and I suspect it wouldn’t get that much cheaper in the coming month or so. After Black Ops II, the only 2012 game I have coming is Far Cry 3 which will likely be returned. I still have lots of 2012 games to play but the two key titles I’d like to get by year’s end are XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Dishonored.

Hopefully there are substantial deals in the coming weeks!

Checkpoint: Watching 24 Hours of Halo Edition


I didn’t watch all of GiantBomb’s Drew & Alexis Halo 24 hour marathon but I did check in regularly. At the time of writing, they’ve raised over $16,000. Very impressive work by everyone involved! The charity they raised money for was Extra Life.

I have never played a game for more than four or five hours straight, so I can’t imagine how  I would fare in a 24 hour marathon. I don’t even know what I would play for that long of a stretch. The Uncharted trilogy? A bunch of Call of Duty campaigns? One long session of Civilization V?

I’m almost finished configuring my new home server. The only significant omission is some kind of web access interface.

I’m still playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. I think I’m 75% complete. Up next? No idea. Hopefully a game from the last month or so. Maybe XCOM will go on sale!

One can hope.

Halo 4 Landing Nov. 6, 2012

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Halo 4 will be debuting from 343 Industries on November 6th, 2012. Microsoft is going for it with the fourth instalment of their sci-fi shooter franchise. With Modern Warfare 3 sales slowing down compared to Black Ops, the time to strike is now!

It would be the first time in this generation that Microsoft released a Halo game in November. Halo 3 through Halo: Reach have all debuted in September.

I’m very curious how the first non-Bungie Halo game will fare. The early details have promised significant changes to the game’s long standing traditions — they’ve added the ability sprint for everyone! They’ve apparently added a story reason why red armored space marines are going up against their blue counterparts. I’m curious what ridiculous reasoning they’ve come up with.

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