Rumor: Ryan Payton Helms New Halo Game

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True? False? I don’t know, but Kotaku and Shacknews seem pretty sure that former Kojima Productions producer, Ryan Payton, is going to be involved with a new Halo game. Not only that, they also believe he’s going to be the creative director of this upcoming title.

Details are unofficial, but apparently this Halo game is the rumored Peter Jackson third person Halo game. Since this is a Microsoft rumor, it’s all, but confirmed.

Bungie Didn’t Agree With New Halo E3 Announcement Delay

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Bungie had it all lined up with a countdown page and everything. Hype was building and fans couldn’t wait to see what Bungie’s new Halo project as an independent studio was going to be.

Then Microsoft delayed the E3 announcement.

It was a last minute change which didn’t sit well with Bungie’s fans or Bungie’s president. Don Mattrick, head of the Xbox division, wanted to shift that announcement to another event later this year. It’s an understandable decision, but the last minute change of heart wasn’t.

I am curious as to what they were going to show. Halo 3 released just last year so I have my doubts about it being a true sequel. Perhaps its that third person tactical squad based Halo game that was rumored.

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