Checkpoint: Virtual Reality Reality Check Edition

So we now know the price tags of both virtual reality PC options. The Oculus Rift will cost $599 USD and the HTC Vive will cost $799 USD. Both bundles come with free games and controller options. The Vive includes base stations to enable ‘room experiences’.

I keep tabs on virtual reality but I’m not very keen on the idea of it; I enjoy shifting from screen (PC or HDTV) to screen (mobile) to people while I’m gaming. I’m more fascinated by the idea of augmented reality. I’m sure I would be amazed by VR and find it compelling for certain games but I don’t see myself shelling out the money for such a limited selection of software.

With such a high price tag (excluding the cost of a capable PC), I don’t see why developers would spend the effort to develop something for such a niche audience. It’s why I hope the manufacturers behind these VR headsets will play the long game and continue to fund or publish games for these headsets because I don’t see any established third party publisher putting any significant effort into this.

I’m not writing virtual reality off but I don’t see this catching fire any time soon.

Street Fighter V arrived on Friday. I managed to squeeze in over a dozen matches with my brother but that’s about it. I also received Fire Emblem Fates Birthright on the same day and I’m starting to get my Fire Emblem legs back.

Far Cry 4 continues to be a therapeutic game for me. It doesn’t register excitement or disappointment; it’s just there for me to fiddle with. I didn’t expect that to be the case at all.


Pulse Elite headset will (eventually) work with the PS4

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Game Informer shared some new info on the subject of headsets and the PlayStation 4.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • The PlayStation Pulse Wireless Elite headset will work with the PS4 after a post-launch system update
  • Other USB headsets will also work with the PS4 after a post-launch system update
  • Bluetooth PlayStation 3 headsets will not work

The lack of Bluetooth headset compatibility is perplexing since the PlayStation 4 includes a bluetooth antenna. Is this a ploy to generate additional PlayStation headset sales? That doesn’t make much sense when you consider they’re going to allow the Pulse Elite headsets with a system update.

I hope Sony comes out and clarifies things on that front. I really would like to know why they’re excluding PS3 compatible Bluetooth headsets.

Xbox One Unboxed, Clarified & More

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As launch day draws near, more details come into focus including what’s in the box. Microsoft’s Major Nelson have stepped up and put up the world’s first Xbox One unboxing video.

It’s good to know that they’ve included a 4K suitable HDMI cable and a gaming headset. Microsoft’s initial plans asked players to rely on the Kinect sensor’s microphone for their chatting needs. If you weren’t content with that, there was a standalone headset that you could buy.

Other details concerning the Xbox One’s Game DVR and TV Guide have surfaced as well. The Game DVR will record at 720p30 aka modern day YouTube friendly resolution and framerate. And unfortunately both the will be locked behind Xbox Live! Gold which could not be more idiotic. Sharing game footage is free advertising, Microsoft.

Sony confirmed that their video sharing functionality will not be behind PlayStation Plus. Their capture specifications were not confirmed yet but Sony did upload a 1080p30 video of Killzone: Shadow Fall during their initial reveal.


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