Checkpoint: The Fight Against Cable Edition

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Over the past several months I’ve been toying with the idea of getting rid of cable. It costs me just shy of $90 per month and all I really use it for is sports and PTI.

Sports includes tennis and NFL. And the shows? The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy and PTI. I can cover the animated shows and PTI with its podcasts. The NFL and other live sports though? That’s the challenge.

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Heavy Rain

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How many months has it been since Heavy Rain was released? And I still haven’t had the game spoiled? That must be a record of some kind with all the GAF I subject myself to. Heavy Rain lives and dies by its surprises and if it were spoiled, I don’t think I would have enjoyed nearly as much as I did.

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Checkpoint: Replaying Resident Evil 5 Edition

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So I decided to replay Resident Evil 5. I gave it a tough time when it released, but with a free rental coupon and lots of time to cope with the disappointment as Resident Evil game, I thought it was time to play the game people loved: the co-op game.

No split screen this time. Both players will have their own screens and we’ll be chasing after the Trophies which I hear can be quite the riot on subsequent playthroughs.

Let’s see how this game fares a year later. I’ll be posting impressions next week, but I thought it was worth a mention. Plus, the cover art was neat.

I’ve finished Heavy Rain, but there’s a lot more to see. Multiple paths, perfect runs and even intentional blunders. Some of the choices are truly gruesome.

In other news, I won my first Civilization IV game. It was on Warlord difficulty and it was a Cultural victory, but I finally did it. All I had to do was ween myself off the desire to waste turns on military techs and bee line towards culture. I also began the game with Queen Elizabeth which made things very easy with her financial trait.

My next goal? Space race victory which I don’t think is possible in a “normal” game. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll go back to Noble difficulty after getting a hang of this.

Checkpoint: The Calm Before The March 2010 Storm Edition

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It’s the end of February. While in year’s past, this would be gaming business as usual, 2010’s March lineup rivals the best holiday lineups ever.

I placed my order for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, my Final Fantasy XIII order was placed earlier this year and God of War III was in the queue since mid-2009.

Unfortunately, I still have games I wish to spend with including BioShock 2‘s multiplayer which I will do a write up about later this week. I also have Trine to complete; I would have been a bit disappointed with if I had spent the full $19.99 for it. Then there’s Starship Defense, which didn’t particularly wow me, but I did just finish it with all “Perfect” medals. I did want to spend more time with Marvel vs Capcom 2 as well. After all these years, I really wanted to spend time into executing an “Air Combo” consistently.

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