Infinity Ward Taking Back CoD? Activision says no.

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This morning, a rumor surfaced claiming that Infinity Ward were in talks with Activision concerning the rights to the Call of Duty franchise — IW wanted it back. Turns out later, Activision fired off e-mails and “straightened out” the situation stating that the rumor was just nothing more than a fabrication. 

Who to believe?

Look at it. The March sales numbers for Call of Duty 4. Still going strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if Infinity Ward wanted to hold off on Call of Duty 5 and continue to support Call of Duty 4. It makes sense to build on what everyone else loves. I mean, they did sell 1 million map packs for $10 a pop in 9 days. God damn, you people.

I’d like to see Infinity Ward take back the Call of Duty name.

COD4 Ruined and Fixed For PS3

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COD4 was sitting unplayed for awhile for no other reason other than me waiting for the upcoming patch (which was released earlier today). Well, apparently, there was a good reason why I shouldn’t have played the game.

Yes, those are hacks. Entertaining hacks, but hacks nonetheless. If these latest hacks weren’t rendered useless by today’s patch, I’m staying away from COD4 for awhile longer. There are other videos online, but I’m not going to bother with them. I am tempted to go online to see these exploits in action for myself, but why should I do that when I can play Unreal Tournament 3 and experience a barrage of rockets and have it all be fair game?

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