Sessler X Pachter: Talking Games Business

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I like Michael Pachter. He says crazy things and his predictions don’t always pan out but he sheds a light on the business side of games in a very friendly manner. To me he’s the face of game business analysts. I just wish he stopped taking jabs at NeoGAF.

This interview with former G4 host Adam Sessler was quite good because he wasn’t trying to take jabs at NeoGAF. I don’t watch his Pach Attack! show but every time I see a video of him, he takes swipes at GAF which is just odd.

E3 2012: VR Graphics & 3D Graphics

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Another studio showed next generation technology promises. I wasn’t surprised that another tech demo showed up. I was surprised by who it was though.

I expect Square Enix to come up with these promise videos, but after a hardware manufacturer announces their next generation platform.

It is a gorgeous tech demo and I love the art direction behind it. If they actually deliver a game based on what was shown here by 2015, I would be thoroughly impressed.

John Carmack was at E3 but he wasn’t showing off a game. He was actually showing off his latest pet project: VR goggles. GiantBomb’s Brad Shoemaker did a lengthy — but not lengthy enough — interview with id Software’s technical guru that I found very interesting.

His solutions and ideas seem to make so much sense that it really makes me wonder how no one actually got it together before.

The Rise, Fall & Rise Again of Metal Gear Rising

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I want more of this.

I want other developers to share and tell the world how events transpired during their development road blocks and failures. A 25 minute interview with various members of the development team telling why things didn’t go as planned is both insightful and brave of them.

Not many developers do this — especially not in a video they made themselves. There may be a interview for Gamasutra or Develop magazine, but nothing as open as this. And the most surprising thing about this video was that it’s from a Japanese developer.

I wish Duke Nukem Forever was given this kind of treatment.

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