Announcements Ahoy, Mon Capitan

OS X El Capitan

This year’s OS X release isn’t going to be the overhaul like Yosemite was. El Capitan will offer fixes, refinements and other nice but not so sexy changes.

I welcome it. I welcome features like Expose side-by-side so I can stop using BetterTouchTool for the sole purpose of including Windows Snap.

I look forward to Metal, Apple’s low-level API, improving rendering performance across the board. I don’t play graphically intensive games on my MacBook Air but hopefully this gives the user base fewer reasons to switch over to Windows just to play games.

I’m hoping OS X El Capitan breathes new life into my MacBook Air like Mavericks did with its power optimizations.

iOS 9

Unsurprisingly, iOS 9 looks to follow El Capitan’s lead and focus on refinements and improvements to performance, battery life, security and usability.

I use Siri regularly for sports and weather updates. On occasion, I ask her to figure out the name of a song or some trivia but her accuracy remains so suspect that I tend to stick to the basic inquiries. Apple promises to address accuracy and capabilties but I’ll believe it when I see it. The day, I don’t feel the need to launch Google Search for reliable voice inquiries is the day I’ll consider Siri a dependable digital assistant.

Apple continues its trend of adopting popular ideas into its own apps and gently pushing out competition. Notes and News apps were their latest efforts. They gave Notes additional word processing capabilities for simple note taking and News (rebranded Newsstand) is now a Flipboard clone.

My favorite iOS device isn’t the iPhone. It’s the iPad and Apple finally gave it some love with the addition of multi-tasking and a new shortcut bar that sits on-top of the keyboard. Fortunately, I have an iPad Air 2 which supports the new multi-tasking functionality. But if I was an iPad Air user, I’d feel a little miffed knowing that a key feature like multi-tasking won’t be making back to mine. I understand the limitations (the Air 2 has 2GB of RAM) but not everyone will.

And the Rest

WatchOS 2 is coming as well and I know exactly one person who’s excited by that announcement. The native app support is a step in the right direction. I’m curious what developers will come up with in that space. I doubt they can make the thing appealing to me though.

Apple Music is now a thing. If the likes of Spotify, Rdio and other music streaming services aren’t to your liking, maybe give Apple Music a try? They’ve hired humans to make a 24/7 radio station a reality. No idea how that radio station will fare Apple promises it’ll be better than having algorithms select the music.

I didn’t know what to expect from Apple Music but it wasn’t whatever they announced. Jimmy Iovine started by pointing out all the streaming services available and how it’s fragmented. I thought that was going to a segue into a Wallet (they renamed Passbook) or News app amalgamation app but for music. That would have been a logistical nightmare but that would have been nice.

Pre-E3 Announcements Continues

  • 1TB Xbox One Console will take over at $399.99 USD
  • New Xbox One controller revision features wireless updates, 3.5mm audio jack & minor refinements. Costs $64.99 USD
  • Xbox One wireless adapter for Windows will be available in autumn. Will cost $24.99 USD
  • Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will see the light of day in Q1 2016
  • Halo 5: Guardians will have 20 maps at launch & 15 free maps by June 2016
  • Dark Souls 3 will be available in early 2016
  • Marshawn Lynch will be in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • Call of Duty lives for another year on PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360

Thought of the Day

As soon as I saw what 2015’s OS X release was called El Capitan, I thought of Q and Captain Picard.

A Mobile Nintendo

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Nintendo Moving in on Mobile

After years of rumors, prodding and speculation by everyone, Nintendo is finally going to make a genuine effort to bring their intellectual property to mobile platforms with Japanese developer, DeNA.

We’ll finally see Pokemon and Mario on iOS and Android. “In what capacity?” That’s the question. Will we see a real Pokemon title or a F2P variant? Will we see an endless runner starring Mario? Or perhaps a Rayman Fiesta Run style game? That’ll be neat.

Nintendo has so many properties that would find natural homes on an iPhone or iPad. I would love to see a Kirby’s Canvas Curse port or a rendition of Picross on iOS.

The fruits of this Nintendo x DeNA partnership will be made bare in the autumn of 2015. I am looking forward to it. Who knows? Maybe one day Pokemon Yellow will legally make its way onto iOS.

Project NX

Nintendo have also stated that they’re working on a Nintendo wide account system which will be at the core of their upcoming dedicated game system codenamed Project NX.

Satoru Iwata said there are no other details at this time and we’ll find out more next year. What a tease. Now Nintendo will be inundated by Project NX inquiries.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies iOS Review

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It’s been over half a decade since I wrapped up Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. Since then, we had a couple of Miles Edgeworth adventures and the less than stellar Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game that only reminded me how much I missed Ace Attorney proper.

I could have played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies when it made its North American on the Nintendo 3DS but Capcom Japan made it known that an iOS version of their game was launching soon. With a choice between a fair and logical digital distribution service and a borderline travesty, I chose to wait and hope for a North American release of the iOS version. That iOS release debuted in the second half of 2014.

I’m glad I waited. I’m sure I would have formed fond memories with the 3DS version as well but the jump to more capable hardware did wonders for the presentation. This is the best Phoenix Wright and the gang have ever looked.

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Savestate: Get the Basics

AmazonBasics Batteries

AmazonBasics comes to Canada

AmazonBasics is a Amazon’s very own consumer electronics brand and it finally made its way to Canada. consumers have been raving about their products for years and now we finally get to buy Amazon branded batteries, laptop bags, tripods and paper shredders.

I haven’t purchased anything yet but it’s nice to know that I have a viable alternative.

iOS 8.1.1

This update was supposed to address performance issues with the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 but it appears to have addressed the performance issues that I had with my iPad 3 as well.

Ever since iOS 8 and 8.1, my iPad 3’s been running sluggishly and jamming up like an old Android device. Now, with Monday’s update, it appears to be better. It apparently didn’t work any wonders with the iPhone 4S, so I’m not sure why or how it improved my iPad 3 experience.

I still intend on picking up an iPad Air 2 though. I just need to become available on

Random Thought

Why did Panda feel the need to wear a Panda costume on episode 2 of Polar Bear Cafe? Such silliness!

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