iOS 8 & OS X Yosemite Bring Continuity

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apple-logo.pngOf all the features announced during today’s WWDC event, the iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite “Continuity” features were easily the most impressive to me. It’s such a small detail but the ability to answer phone calls and non-iMessage texts on my iPad and Macbook Air is an absolute game changer for me.

It makes sense.

When I get home, it’s iPad time. I leave my iPhone charging by my bed and carry the iPad around with me for web browsing purposes. Why browse on a tiny screen when I have an iPad? And whenever I want to do some word processing (like right now), I put down the iPad and pick up my Macbook Air. It’s great to know that with iOS 8 and Yosemite, I don’t have to worry about missing a phone call or text message from non-iPhone users.

OS X Yosemite will also bring other noteworthy features like a new look, refined Safari and a more useful Notification Center. iOS 8 already had its facelift so most of its new changes were functionality oriented. I look forward to trying out the new keyboard and I’m glad to see TouchID receive third party support. Now I just need TouchID capable devices.

It’s going to be some time before we see these new features in production ready states. Apple is saying Fall 2014 but I cannot wait so I’ve thrown my name into Yosemite beta program. Let’s just hope it isn’t a complete disaster in its beta state.

Checkpoint: Inside iPhone Edition

Checkpoint - Inside iPhone Edition

iFixit is an amazing resource and through its handy manuals, I repaired my first iPhone this past weekend. I replaced the dock connector and battery in an iPhone 4S.

It should have been a straight forward process but since it was my iPhone 4S, I took extra care disconnecting and prying open every part. It was a fascinating process and I enjoyed the challenge.

I recognized many of the connectors and parts from the laptops, consoles and handhelds that I’ve disassembled over the years. I was impressed by how small and well integrated everything was but at the same time, I was also a little disappointed that there wasn’t some kind of nano sized connectors of some kind.

My next disassembly may be an iPad 2 which I appears to be very unique with the whole melting of the glue requirement.

I’ve been trying to wrap up inFamous: Second Son. I don’t have much to say about it except that the Neon powers are the most entertaining power up. I tried to get in on some Battlefield 4 with the PS4 GAF crew but with custom servers and all those DLC maps, I haven’t been able to stick with them for long.

Checkpoint: Smart Travel Edition

Checkpoint - Smart Travel Edition

I haven’t done much traveling in my 30 some years on this Earth. The last time I went anywhere was prior to the “smartphone” revolution. With that in mind, it’s amazing how easy it is to navigate and familiarize oneself with a modern city. This past long weekend, that city was Montreal.

It began with a Wi-Fi enabled intercity bus. There were restrictions like the lack of YouTube access, restricted access to gaming media and dismal performance but it was free and for the likes of Twitter, Google Maps and other travel related sites, it was fine.

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Checkpoint: My Smartphone Use Edition


I’m not going to be upgrading to the iPhone 5s. I have an iPhone 4S and it suits my needs just fine. As impressive as the fingerprint reader and new A7 processor is, I cannot justify the price of upgrading.

I barely use my iPhone. Once I’m at home, the iPad is the go to iOS device. If I’m out and about, don’t play heavy duty games on the phone. I don’t even use much data. I don’t need to watch YouTube videos or listen to streaming music while on the go. I much rather pay $10 per month for 100 MB and just use the device for e-mail, iMessage and Twitter.

So when will I consider an upgrade? When iOS itself ceases to function adequately on the 4S or when Apple introduces something so integral that I cannot live without it.

I’m much more open to the idea of an iPad upgrade. That’s a device that I find myself using more as time goes by. iOS 7 is also exposing the weaknesses of the A5X SoC that are manageable but a bit disconcerting. I’m hoping Apple addresses those hitches.

I’m working through ICO. I’m enjoying it but unlike Beyond Good & Evil HD, I think this game is begging for a proper remake. There’s just enough expectation for quality realistic assets to remind me this game is old.

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