iPhone 5 Rumors Bubble Up

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apple-logo.pngSo it looks like the next iPhone will feature a longer screen. With all these convenient leaks — on the launch day of the Samsung Galaxy S III — it’s got to be true, right?

When I first caught glimpse of these rumors, I couldn’t believe it. A longer screen? It makes ergonomic sense, but I couldn’t picture how it would look like without being ridiculous.

After looking at these newly leaked screens, it doesn’t look so bad. By keeping the width of the phone in check I’m almost convinced that this is the correct move for Apple. It will keep it a one handed friendly phone which isn’t something all those 4″+ phones could pull off.

I’m considering the upgrade to a bonafide smartphone, but I haven’t made the decision on which phone yet.

Ghost Trick is Coming to iOS for N.A

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It looks like I spoke too soon! The North American version of Ghost Trick is coming out for iOS today at approximately 11:00 PM EST! It’s a universal app and the first two chapters will be free. The full game will be available via in app purchase for $9.99.

I could not be more pleased by this news. I’ll be sure to pick it up as soon as I get an iPad 3.

I’ll also take this time to address the perception of price for iOS games. I have no problem with paying $10 for a downloadable game with substance like Ghost Trick. It’s what I pay on the PlayStation Network and I’ve paid $5+ for games with much less. Games do not need to be $0.99 to be an attractive proposition for me.

Checkpoint: 24 Hours of Podcast Edition


A live stream of a 24 hour podcast? I’ve never witnessed that before. But thanks to the guys at Tested.com, an annoying start to the weekend was filled with entertainment.

Tested’s Octoberkast came about during an episode of the “This is only a test” podcast several weeks ago. Will Smith, Norm Chan and Gary Whitta thought podcasting for 24 hours wasn’t going to be too difficult. So they decided to put their money where their mouths were and hold a 24 hour podcasting session for the kids.

The gang invited guests and friends from both the gaming and technology industries to join them for their charity podcast. Guests included Jeff Green, Veronica Belmont, Jeff Gerstmann and Jason Cross of PC World. They discussed everything from games, to iPhone 4S and even dealing poop to in the future.

I missed six or seven hours, but I’ll catch up as soon as Will Smith edits the archived versions and puts it up on the usual spot. I could go watch the Justin TV archived versions or this uninterrupted fan rip, but I think I’ll watch the inevitable highlight reel on YouTube.

The 24 hour event raised over $47,000 dollars (and counting ’til October 20) for Child’s Play charity. An amazing turnout. Well done, Tested & gang. Hopefully, you guys will do it again next year.

I’ve been playing Dark Souls. I’ve also been following the impressions and seeing many comments about it being a difficult game. What a bunch of wusses. This isn’t a difficult game. In fact, I feel it’s easier than Demon’s Souls.

I’m actually getting tired of hearing about how difficult the game is, so I’ve begun down voting “I can’t take this…” comments in game. Why are people overreacting to the difficulty? Are they actually finding it difficult? I don’t think so. I think they’re just trying to keep the mystique started with Demon’s Souls so they’ll feel special.

Product Refresh of the Day: Apple iPhone 4S

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apple-logo.pngI think it’s time we stop entertaining the idea that Chinese case manufacturers have a clue what the next Apple device will look like. They’re currently 0 – 2 since the iPad 2 speculation began.

Apple follows up last year’s iPhone 4 like how they followed up the iPhone 3G — with an S model. A faster iPhone 4 dubbed the iPhone 4S will sport a dual-core A5 processor, an 8 MP camera with 1080p video support and a revised antenna. It’ll look no different than the iPhone 4 aside from that little S beside the logo on the back.

It’s not a bad upgrade, but for those with last year’s model aren’t going to look at them with the envy 3GS owners did when the 4 debuted.

But if you want to hear Apple employees spell out the virtues of their latest product refresh, head over to their website.

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