Rogers Crushes Dreams With New iPhone Pricing Plans

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We were all excited about the prospects of owning an iPhone 3G in Canada. $299.99 for the device itself sounds great, but we all knew it was going to be bound to a contract and a plan? The question was: how much was this plan going to cost?

We finally have answers from Rogers. Dreams officially crushed.

$60 per month for 400 MB of data and 150 anytime minutes? Do not want. Talk about price gouging. Some of us are upset, but some are even more so.

iPhone 3G Debuting at $199 CAD on July 11th

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Update: Make that a 3 year contract.

That’s cheap. Cheaper than a iPod Touch! Unfortunately, you must sign up for a contract with either Fido or Rogers. No idea how much the plans will cost and also, no details on the contract-less unit. Bummer.

As for specifications? It’s apparently a little bit thicker and the battery life is more or less the same compared to the old iPhone. (ie: not stellar) Still, the arrival of an iPhone in Canada is enticing. Especially when I could play Super Monkey Ball on it:

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New iPhone, New Brand, New Beginnings

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It looks like the iPhone 3G people have been wanting since day one of the iPhone’s launch is finally launching next month. Well that is if these rumors are to be believed. I’d love to get an iPhone, but the lack of unlimited data rate plans for cheap scare me away.

Hopefully, AMD’s Game! initiative will be more successful than their Live! one. If widly adopted, this initiative will help mainstream gamers pick out games and compatible PCs with relative ease. Just match the logos and you’re good to go. If only it included Intel and NVIDIA components…

Next, it appears that Xbox 360 exclusive, Splinter Cell: Conviction is starting over. Can’t say I cared much for the original concept so this news is welcomed.

Finally, Chair Entertainment, developer of Undertow, is receiving a new beginning under the wing of Epic Games. Hopefully, they’ll continue with creating XBLA games.

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