Checkpoint: About Them Avengers Edition

I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron on Friday. It was okay. The action was excellent, it had its funny moments and the cast of characters were better represented. But I felt the buildup and overarching narrative between the the movies to be more intriguing. Ultron was supposed to be the star of the show but he was quickly dispatched in the end when they decided to introduce the idea of the Infinity Gems. It was like they were saying “You served your purpose, Ultron. Now bugger off.”.

I watched Thor: The Dark World yesterday and l had similar impressions as well. I thought it was going to be different with the swerve concerning Loki but in the end, nothing of significant consequence happened in that movie. It was just another adventure where an Infinity Gem was unveiled, the heroes win and I’m left wondering where the Avengers were during these “harrowing” times.

I first felt this way while watching Iron Man 3. Where were the Avengers when Tony’s home was attacked? Where were the Avengers when a giant alien ship loomed over London? They can’t simply acknowledge the events of Avengers movies and then have them mysteriously absent when a large scale world ending catastrophe occurs. They can’t have it both ways.

It’s best not to think of any of this but when they’re trying to tie everything together, they’re stimulating the part of my brain that conjures up possibilities and “What if?” scenarios and I cannot turn it off.



I think I’m over the half way mark with Broken Age’s second act. If I can finish before The Witcher 3 arrives, I’ll be happy camper.

Checkpoint: LBP Beta Edition

LittleBigPlanet fever is in the air. Lots of people are yammering on about it including me. This Checkpoint will be quite short. I’m distracted by this week’s 1UP Yours podcast.

One of the reasons why this wasn’t posted on Friday was thanks to Iron Man on Blu-ray. It’s the best Marvel super hero movie I’ve ever seen. All that technology had me giddy with joy. Don’t tell me that you all didn’t want to have JARVIS in your home. So awesome.

After I finish up with this episode of 1UP Yours, I think I’ll be spending more time with LBP. There will be some WipEout HD love and Persona 3: FES. Yes, still playing The Answer half of P3. 120 hours so far. Talk about $30 well spent.

That’s it for now.